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CA HOV stickers - where to stick em ?

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Hi all, for those who have already affixed your HOV stickers, mind sharing where you actually put them ?

Seems like on the quarter panels and also rear bumper, space is so limited, and you can only go 'higher' to find a big enough spot.

Some pics would be great !

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Hi all.

I just got my stickers last night and I installed them on the plastic part of the bumper, not the paint. One thing I noticed is that I can actually peel the sticker back off, pretty easily. I don't know if they will stick a bit better when the sun hits the bumper and warms the adhesive, but if they are still easy to peel after tomorrow I am going to have to move them to the painted part of the bumper.

For the guys that installed them on the black part, did you have any issues with the stickers going through a wash, etc?

Thanks Bolt Action. I just went out and moved them on to the painted surface. I hate trying to get all of them to look even... never happy with how they turn out :p
1 - 2 of 68 Posts
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