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CA HOV stickers - where to stick em ?

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Hi all, for those who have already affixed your HOV stickers, mind sharing where you actually put them ?

Seems like on the quarter panels and also rear bumper, space is so limited, and you can only go 'higher' to find a big enough spot.

Some pics would be great !

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doh should have gone lower ....
You placed yours exactly where I placed mine, and I think this is a better placement than on the black plastic. The black plastic is not a smooth surface, so I don't think the stickers will stay put as well as on the smooth body panels.
I don't think it really matters where you put them. They are ugly anywhere. But I figure I did not buy the Bolt for its good looks. And the HOV lane often saves time.

I only put two on. Seemed like that oughta be enough.
If a cop is in a mood, you can get ticketed for not having the right number of stickers on the car. The likelihood of that happening is super low, but still exists. Dunno if it would be a simple cheap fix-it ticket, or a spendy carpool-lane violation. I've never been brave enough to find out the hard way and just put the stickers on like it was shown.
I kind of hope you're right about the decade. Because all the stickers are currently scheduled to expire in less than 22 months.:eek:
My bet is the white sticker program will be extended, but the green sticker program will sunset.
Your guess is as good as mine, but that would be very different from what was done last year. It seems difficult to predict what the politicians will do on this. Nothing would surprise me, from complete sunset as of 12/31/18 to an extension through 2025 for both colors.
The white sticker program has been around since before the yellow sticker program. It has always had an unlimited number of stickers, unlike the yellow program, and until recently, the green sticker program. The yellow sticker program was eventually allowed to sunset, but the white sticker program was extended. This happened when the green sticker program came into being.
That's my assumption. I'm sure it's fix it ticket at worst.
Yeah, a Tesla owner thought the same thing. $800 fine:

psrenv | December 20, 2015
I didn't for a year....then got busted in El Monte, CA. $800 later....they are on the car now.
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