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CA HOV stickers - where to stick em ?

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Hi all, for those who have already affixed your HOV stickers, mind sharing where you actually put them ?

Seems like on the quarter panels and also rear bumper, space is so limited, and you can only go 'higher' to find a big enough spot.

Some pics would be great !

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New CA Stickers are Red

I bought my Bolt in January and just received the stickers in the mail. They are now Red! Good thing I didn't pick the color of my car to match the sticker.

It sounds like it is currently a mystery as to what will happen after Jan 1, 2019. Currently green, white and red are all set to expire on that day.
The paperwork that came with the stickers definitely says they expire Jan 1, 2019. I have faith they will be extended, but as others have suggested, the state is probably still working out the details.
1 - 2 of 68 Posts
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