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CA HOV stickers - where to stick em ?

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Hi all, for those who have already affixed your HOV stickers, mind sharing where you actually put them ?

Seems like on the quarter panels and also rear bumper, space is so limited, and you can only go 'higher' to find a big enough spot.

Some pics would be great !

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From my short investigation into this matter, I discovered that the fees and fines for most infractions and violations aren't listed anywhere online. You can find all the laws and regulations, just not the penalties. What they're going to charge you seems to either be a closely held secret, or they just plain make it up.
They don't list the penalty because it's different in every city/county/area. I drive from Fullerton through Santa Ana to Costa Mesa for work, and each area of the freeway system has a different minimum penalty. Then of course they tack on however much the additional processing fees and taxes are.
1 - 1 of 68 Posts
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