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[CA] Rental car reimbursement while waiting for buyback or battery modules replacement?

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2020 Bolt LT in CA w/strict lemons laws and wildfire risks. I live in an apartment community with a shared underground garage, so I have no way of parking it outside. If I don't feel comfortable operating it until the recall fix is done, will GM pay for the Bolt's storage fees and my rental car to get to work everyday?

For those who were able to secure a rental car, how did you do it? Did GM reimburse you?

Thanks in advance!
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IIRC, the GM rental car reimbursement was a loser; something like $40 a day and in many areas there's nothing available for twice that amount.

Only slightly OT, a family member had a business trip to Portland, ME and needed a rental car. Because it's high summer tourist season, they claimed nothing but their premium specialty cars were available and socked him $400 a day.

jack vines
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