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Cadillac to be GM's lead EV brand

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There was speculation a few months back about how best to move GM forward while straddling the bread and butter of ICEV's.
Now we know.
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GM has had no luck attracting people to an amazing five door hatch EV. I maintain the Bolt is the best, most sensibly sized EV we will ever see in the US. I am not counting ZEV state compliance cars.

GM's problem, in the US, is that most folks who like to consider themselves savvy don't buy GM products...most techies don't buy GM products. Is that fair or logical...probably not, but that is the case.

Their market is Trump voters, but Trump voters now call them Government Motors. I hear "liberal bailout..electric is communist" from Trump supporters constantly.
Your first sentence while true, probably didn't have to be that way if things were different.
Every car company has done at least one retro-fifties car. They get a lot of buzz when they come out. Imagine if they had put the Bolt drivetrain into a RWD, 60 kWh, 250 mile EPA range two seater that just happened to resemble this.

Does anybody think they would have sold fewer than 20K a year for a few years?

Mazda Miata US sales

2018 8.971
2017 11.294
2016 9.465
2015 8.591
2014 4.745
2013 5.780
2012 6.305
2011 5.674
2010 6.370
2009 7.917
2008 10.977
2007 15.075
2006 16.897
2005 9.801
2004 9.356
2003 10.920
2002 14.392
2001 16.486
2000 18.299
1999 17.738
1998 19.845
1997 17.218
1996 18.408
1995 20.174
1994 21.400
1993 21.588
1992 24.964
1991 31.240
1990 35.944
1989 23.052
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From what I know, most Trump voters belong to the so-called "middle class", the a largely silent plurality (you know, them boring folks who do all the work and pay all the taxes).

Likewise, I should mention, most Clinton voters neither live in their parents' basements, nor want the evil imperialist system to crash and burn before Lev Bronshtein's next birthday.

Yes. I misspoke when I said Trump voters. I should have said Trump supporters. The angry folks I get to deal with probably didn't actually vote for anybody, but like his racist, xenophobic dog-whistling. The actual Trump voters I know are quiet, and quite happy with things as they stand right now. Some of them drive Volts, and have solar panels, because the tax credits and other benefits worked out for them.

And as I have said here many times. Most of my liberal friends aren't buying EVs either. Most of us are either in denial of the ecological disaster we are in the midst of, or feel hopelessly trapped.
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That's the concept release model. Given how the original Volt and Bolt EV looked, I think the production model is going to look pretty sweet.
I don't care what it looks like. It is enormous. The vast majority of vehicles spend most of their time with one occupant.

And you worry about a friggin' kerosene heater.
No, I worry about people driving the gasoline powered counterparts to this vehicle. They are selling in the thousands per week right now.
So we'll spend twenty five years, and billions to replace the current fleet, and gas station infrastructure, to end up with the same environmental impact as switching over to a Prius fleet. And for all the effort we will have ended up with a 50/50 chance of blowing through 2 degree C. It is all kabuki theater.
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Looks better than a Model X, which looks like a loaf of bread.
My comment wasn't about aesthetics but size.
Just 100 companies are responsible for over 70% of the annual CO2 emissions. If your primary mission is offsetting climate change, those companies should be your focus. Now, a number of those companies produce CO2 by supplying consumers, so reducing the demand for their products makes sense.
Yes, changing consumer taste would effect those decades. If you were going to fight a war, ideally you would do a PR campaign to get everyone on board, get them to buy war bonds, grow gardens, and turn in their old metal stuff for the war effort. But you would also give all vital industries instructions for what, and how much of vital war materials to produce, instead of waiting for people to decide. Maybe a real president would declare a state of emergency, instead of denying we were at war. :)
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Actually, we need to rein-in executive power, not expand it. What’s the purpose of our legislative branch if the executive branch has unlimited power to redirect resources by declaring an emergency?

That’s how dictatorships work, not democracies.
Absolutely agree. But our legislators have been turning over tough decision making to the executive for decades. And with computer aided jerrymandering of districts, and direct unlimited campaign funding from the wealthy, they have even less reason to do their jobs.
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If the federal government were appropriately limited, and the executive branch along with it, then we'd hardly care who was president because their authority would be so narrowly defined and properly checked by other branches of government.

Caesar has too much power, regardless of the letter prefix to his name.
Corporations hold all the power. They own the federal government. It is even worse at the state and local level. State and local governments act as pimps, loading their constituents with debt for the chance of getting a job. When the deferred taxes, and bonds come due, the corporations close the plant and move to the next whorehouse.
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It's all the fault of the cows. Methane. Ban cows.

Oh, wait, that's *totally* off-topic (Cadillac EVs). Sorry.
Not at all off topic. Cows and steaming turds go together. :)
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