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Calling Expert Bolt Owners!! What is your take on this news...

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What are the odds they were using some uncertified charger?
What are the odds they had rats eating away their harnesses to the point of short circuiting?


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There are already several threads discussing this.
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The MSD is indeed in the middle of the pack, splitting it in two. However, it is not always live. When the car is turned off, there are two relays, one on the positive end terminal, and one on the negative end terminal of the battery. One would be sufficient to have an open circuit, and no current through the battery, but there are two for redundancy.

The MSD itself has no additional parts, other than blade contacts, and a fuse. I do not believe there is a way for this ceramic fuse to explode, or get hot enough to start a fire. The socket it fits into does have other sensor leads to monitor its health, and I suppose part of that system could fail and cause a fire.

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My money is still on the Battery Mangling System. The BMS, by design and necessity, is always live.

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I can verify, from watching the temperatures on Torque Pro, that it generates enough heat, when operating normally, to make module 6 warmer than any of the others, just by sitting on top of it.

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It is not stuff getting into the MSD, or the BCM, it is sparks getting out that concern me.
The MSD is outside the steel battery box, sticking up into the passenger compartment through a hole in the steel floor. It is directly under a foam, and fabric seat bottom. If the fires were caused by sparks coming from the MSD, they would start the seat bottom on fire. In the Bolts which were not completely consumed by fire, the rear seat bottoms are somewhat melted, but not burned up. In those cars, the steel floor, and steel battery box were burned pretty badly, and the fire crews chopped them open to expose destroyed BMS, and wiring.

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Does anyone know if the Bolt does cell balancing when the car is just parked and not plugged in? I think 2 of the 3 cases were that scenario: recently parked but not charging.

It does not. They are not pulling power from high cells to top up low cells. Nobody is doing that in a car, as far as I know, so they would just be burning off the high cells through the balancing resistors for no benefit. If a BMS were to fail on, it could turn into a toaster oven.
Today I saw one more on the FB group. Not sure if the conditions are the same.
Is this an open FB page, or one you have to join to see? Can you post the story here?
As the link is asking for a FB login I pasted the screen capture of the post.

Thanks for posting that. I am not "one with the Book." Do you know what date, and where this was? Any mention of what model year it is? I'd like to search for a news account of it.

Sure looks like another backseat fire.
There is no reference to where it happen either.
Given the palm trees, I am going to guess either California, or Florida.
Looks like the same one from the facebook group linked to earlier in this thread.
It is definitely the same one. Looking at his videos, I determined he lives in Jacksonville, Florida.
Could it be possible that rodents are getting into the area with the BMS and chewing on wires? How "sealed off" is this area?
The BMS is inside the battery box, totally sealed off, even from ants, let alone rodents.
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