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Calling Expert Bolt Owners!! What is your take on this news...

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What are the odds they were using some uncertified charger?
What are the odds they had rats eating away their harnesses to the point of short circuiting?


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What news?

Have GM or the NHTSA issued a formal statement? That would be news.
Ok, let”s break this down and see what we got at this point in time. My opinion of course.
1 Unknown fires in at least three Bolts in or around the battery
2 Most likely not caused or restricted to the area around the MSD because the responders had to chop a hole in the sheet metal to put out the fire.
3 Three model years involved so most likely not a small sub-set of VIN numbers
4 Can happen during charging or not charging
5 In at least one of the cars it took three times to put out the fire suggesting that at least part of the lithium
battery is involved. Just my guess.
6 Nothing except the MSD fuse is accessible from under the seat ( correct me if I am wrong) requiring dropping the whole battery out of the car to modify or fix connections that sparked.
7 If GM can not prove it is just the strangest of coincidences and guarantees it can never happen again and it it only a small number of cars involved (unlikely in my opinion) NHTSA may require the removal of 78,000
batteries to inspect for possible problems. If this is carried out world-wide it would be 92,000 cars.
8 The most likely scenario is that GM will hood wink the feds into thinking it is fluke and they will take a wait and see attitude. Otherwise GM’s exposure is tremendous causing loses in the millions and reputation too.
9 At the very worst (highly unlikely) there is a major design flaw with the battery or BCM and It would have to
be replaced.
10 At the very best it can be fixed with a software upgrade and maybe recalibration of some sensors.
11 Pretty sure this list and some things I did not think about are being sweated out in some boardroom
between GM lawyers and senior engineers as we speak.
12 Thank- God no one has died yet.
The article referred to a 2017, but they had no information other than that it was at an auction lot. :unsure: The fires we've actually confirmed here were in 2019s (maybe one 2018?). Nothing for 2020.

In my opinion, this has to be a manufacturing defect or a problem caused during assembly. It's definitely not a software issue.

Could this be our future?
I doubt it. I think this might result in an isolated recall. It seems odd to me that it would involve the early Bolt EVs if we went well over two years without an incident and now suddenly we're seeing fires.

Though who knows, maybe GM could design and rebuild all Bolt EV packs in-house using their new Ultium batteries? I, for one, wouldn't mind getting a fresh battery after over 125,000 miles. Especially if it comes with faster charging and more energy. 😜
Is this one of the ones we already knew about, or a new instance?

Looks like the same one from the facebook group linked to earlier in this thread.
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