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Calling Expert Bolt Owners!! What is your take on this news...

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What are the odds they were using some uncertified charger?
What are the odds they had rats eating away their harnesses to the point of short circuiting?


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Some sort of uncertified charger? Unfortunately this is not a plausible failure mode. The only reason this would ever cause a fire would be a bad connection in the actual J1772 plug itself, and it would happen at the charging port, having nothing to do with the charger itself.

It's probably the fuse under the back seat, as everybody's been saying for ages. And it ought to be investigated, so these problems are identified, and standards of quality are set in the industry.

The government won't kill electric cars over this, whatever it is. But if they make a rule of "no crappy fuse holders" we'll all be better off.
The reports in the articles has been that the fire starts at the rear seat position, or 'back' of the vehicle as it's described. Things break, design snafu's get weeded out over time. Sheet happens.
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1 - 2 of 53 Posts
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