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Can the Bolt access the 12v battery from the Cabin?

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I have a Bolt 2017 and love it. I have a 1500 watt pure sine wave inverter that fits pretty nicely under the infotainment system in that pocket on the floor. I would like to run some 2 gauge wire to the 12V battery. This way when we take the Bolt camping or on road trips we can have access to 110V AC. Is there a easy or best way to run the cables through to connect to the battery?
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I wonder 矛 i should find a way to 铆ntall my inverter near the battery and run a 120V wire into the cabin.
You could. Be careful to put a grommet or other cable holding device in firewall.

Some of the portable power units that have a battery and inverter can be charged via cigarette lighter.
I think the cigarette lighter is rated for only 10Amp
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