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If this has been discussed, let me know. I couldn't find a thread.
I am curious if someone has captured (during a driving session) how much kWh are added into the battery during regen only.
Also if the regen'ed kWh are factored into the kWh used in the display.
For example: I drive a 135 mile loop over two mountain passes... lots of regen.
When I am finished, the big display shows 32 kWh used for my 135 mile trip.
My question is: Does this calculation include the regen kWh added or not?
I am getting setup with Engine Link with an old iPad.
My plan is to plot the HV current pid both +/-.
If it shows both draw and regen, then I should be able to calculate both draw and regen power separately.
Should be interesting at least.

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To my surprise, my mini-Segway regens too. I found out by looking at the energy display which normally shows a positive number representing power use. While braking or going downhill, it shows a negative number while my battery capacity increases.
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