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Car and Driver gives Bolt left-handed compliment

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This month's Car and Driver has their Ten Best Cars report. A small sidebar mentions cars not considered for the contest.

"Chevrolet Bolt EV - For city dwellers, this is the car no one wants but everybody needs."

jack vines
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City dwellers need cargo bikes. Keep the **** cars at the edge of town...shields up.
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I can attest to that. Looking forward to Starlink service being activated in my area next year.
We are in rural centra Virginia. We had landline dial up, then cell tower 3G. In May, our 1930s coop utility finished running fiber optic cable...sweet!
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My brother lives near Luray, VA, and his internet is poor at best. It is over the phone lines and on some days it is pretty much non-existent.
Yes. In much of flyover America, internet is still hit or miss.
Places like that is where Starlink is going to shine.
Starlink is awfully expensive. My neighbor has been publishing a satellite communication magazine for decades. His place is covered in dishes, and antennae. He had Starlink over a year ago. He dropped it when our fiber optic arrived.
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