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Car and Driver gives Bolt left-handed compliment

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This month's Car and Driver has their Ten Best Cars report. A small sidebar mentions cars not considered for the contest.

"Chevrolet Bolt EV - For city dwellers, this is the car no one wants but everybody needs."

jack vines
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The Bolt is the best urban assault vehicle.
I hope to buy a Bolt EV, which will accept larger diameter 225x50x17 inch tires on the front drive wheels. IF I can squeeze a 215x55x17 inch tire on it, the Bolt will make a GREAT highway driver. I may even try used lower tread tires, to increase the chances that 215x55x17 inch tires will fit the Bolt. My experience of 117K+ miles with used, over-sized tires is looking good.
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….. once I cross the Cascade mountains to eastern WA, there's large areas that don't have any viable ground based options. And in reality, it's not that much more expensive. I'm paying Comcast $120 per month…… Starlink is $110 per month…..
Them there re-usable boosters landing on the Barge, OF COURSE, I STILL LOVE YOU, keeps the price down.
As well as A Shortfall of Gravitas and Just Read the Instructions.
Argy-Bargy to ya, that’s for sure.
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