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Car sat idle at the dealer for 6+ months. Cause for concern?

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This is the part of my new car buying experience where I start OCDing over the little please bear with me. ;-)

I purchased my 2017 LT in Charlotte, NC a few weeks ago and according to the window sticker the car was initially delivered to a dealer up in Mystic, CT. The door jam sticker says it was manufactured in Aug. 2017 so I'm assuming it sat idle at the CT lot over the winter. Not sure why there was a dealer trade from NC to CT but I guess it's normal.

Assuming the battery was charged from time to time, would there be any concern with a Bolt sitting that long over the winter in that climate?
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During the winter months when I got finished cleaning the car, I hooked up my B&D float charger to the 12V.

I was very surprised because sometimes the charger kept indicating charging for as much as 4 hours.

I don't bother as much now that its a bit warmer, I used more accessories in winter that was why I was concerned.

I bought my car in the middle of a cold snap if anything is going to kill a 12V it will be extreme cold or hot, not knowing how long the car sat unused I wanted to build the charge in the 12V.

I worked in garages that sold batteries, batteries that were allowed to charge for a short time before use, came back less often.

Many people buy a new battery stick it in then that is the end of it, if you slow charge a new battery you will always get a longer service life out of it.
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