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Car sat idle at the dealer for 6+ months. Cause for concern?

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This is the part of my new car buying experience where I start OCDing over the little please bear with me. ;-)

I purchased my 2017 LT in Charlotte, NC a few weeks ago and according to the window sticker the car was initially delivered to a dealer up in Mystic, CT. The door jam sticker says it was manufactured in Aug. 2017 so I'm assuming it sat idle at the CT lot over the winter. Not sure why there was a dealer trade from NC to CT but I guess it's normal.

Assuming the battery was charged from time to time, would there be any concern with a Bolt sitting that long over the winter in that climate?
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winter climate shouldn't be as bad as hot summer. They probably charged it and took it for test drives. What was the mileage when you got it?
29 miles. :| I loved seeing the low mileage but that's not a lot of test driving over 6+ months which seems odd. I guess there wasn't a lot of demand for these cars up north during the winter? Who the heck knows.
I would suggest getting an OBD2 adapter, Torque Pro, and loading up Telek's PIDs for peace of mind about battery health.
Cool - I've got an iPhone so it appears I can't use Torque Pro but I'll get the other app and take a look. My OCD will go into overdrive though if it turns out I have less than the advertised 60 kWh. haha
I'd be more concerned about the aux battery, than the traction pack.
According to this article, the Bolt (when unplugged) will wake up every 3 days and check the SOC of the 12v battery, and charge it if required for as much as 90 minutes. So guess the engineers at GM have thought of everything. :)
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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