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New to the Carlinkit so sorry if this is already common knowledge!

My Carlinkit dongle was a little sluggish on startup in my 2017 Chevy bolt. I noticed that a lot of the time was spent on booting up and connecting, so I was curious what would happen if I powered it up while the car was off.

I hooked a power bank up to the USB-A port on the Carlinkit and the USB-C to the car like normal, and I hooked up the power bank to charge from the normal 12v socket while the car is on.

I let it sit for a bit with the car off and then started the car, and it booted way faster. Normally I’d see the connecting screen for 7-10 seconds after the infotainment warning disappeared, but after doing this it went from the warning directly to CarPlay. I timed it, and it went from about ~34s to ~24s from car off to CarPlay.

A 30% improvement isn’t too shabby for such an easy fix. I could modify the car to provide power when off at the normal socket and not use the power bank at all, but I’d rather avoid the parasitic draw (and now I’ll always have a fully charged power bank on hand).

It still takes the full time to boot if you turn the car off and then back on before it has a chance to reboot after losing connection to the car, but that doesn’t affect me much, and it would be just as slow if I didn’t do this at all.

Thought I’d share in case anyone else wanted to do it too!
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