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CCS infrastructure?

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The Tesla supercharge stations are all across the U.S. from sea to shining sea. Tesla has invested heavily in the DCFC infrastructure structure preparing for the model 3 release. They charge at 80KW and can add 200 miles in 30 minutes. The Bolt can also charge at 80 kilowatts but there are no CCS stations that will do this. And there are lots of 300+ mile gaps out in the Midwest making long distance trips impossible at the present.

The CCS standard is well established, so what is holding up the expansion of the infrastructure and following the example of Tesla?
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from the Tesla website:

"Superchargers in Urban Areas
Tesla is installing Superchargers in urban areas where city dwellers and out of town visitors can easily charge. These stations are placed at convenient locations like grocery stores, downtown districts, and shopping centers so charging fits seamlessly into your life."

it's not just for long distance driving anymore!

pretty soon Tesla will have such an overwhelming advantage in terms of sheer number of stations that I think other manufactures will be forced to consider working with them.
I tend to agree however the legacy auto companies are slow to accept the fact that EV's will overtake ICEV's as the "first choice" vehicle soon, at least here in America. Until they realize this, they will be kicking and screaming as they are dragged into the future. To many industries sucking on the fossil fuel teat. And the subsidies for fossil fuel remain as they consider pulling what few crumbs EV's get. I'm fairly certain that jealousy and ego have kept GM from joining in on the Supercharger network. It's well documented that Elon extended the offer 5 years ago and still no official takers. If GM had signed up with Tesla and built an EV capable of maximizing the superchargers potential, I would probably have bought one. Since I plan on reducing my stable down to one car, I'm forced to go with Tesla, for good or for bad.
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This is going to chap the ass of a number of people here but it looks like some Bolts will soon be contaminated with a little bit of Tesla.
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