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CCS infrastructure?

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The Tesla supercharge stations are all across the U.S. from sea to shining sea. Tesla has invested heavily in the DCFC infrastructure structure preparing for the model 3 release. They charge at 80KW and can add 200 miles in 30 minutes. The Bolt can also charge at 80 kilowatts but there are no CCS stations that will do this. And there are lots of 300+ mile gaps out in the Midwest making long distance trips impossible at the present.

The CCS standard is well established, so what is holding up the expansion of the infrastructure and following the example of Tesla?
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Superchargers can charge at up to 120,000 watts - and most installed superchargers a 160,000 watt pairs (160,000 watts shared between two stalls) - since charging tapers while the cars are charging load shifts from one car to other…
also I believe the Chevy Bolt is currently limited to 60,000 watts - not 80,000 - 80 may be possible, but Chevy hasn't chosen to enable it - I welcome correction with source of evidence.
Corrected - still not finding any chargers more than 50,000
Tesla supports pay-per-use charging - they are doing it for the Model 3 - superchargers are capable of billing and tracking which car is charging - so they can tell the difference between a lifetime Model S/X and a pay-per-use Model's simply a matter of a hardware adapter and a business agreement for other companies to use the Tesla Supercharging network…there are photos on the internet of Volvo test mules plugged into Tesla European superchargers - but the driver refused to answer any questions from the person who took the picture.
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basically there is a activation protocol where the superchargers check with the mothership to see if a car is allowed to charge - I'm sure there is an ID exchanged and the central system "authorizes" the charging or not based on what is registered in the master accounts DB this is because:

a) not all Tesla owner's have "paid" for the unlimited supercharging - so even though the plug can fit it won't delivery any juice until it's authorized
b) some existing/future Tesla owners are on a per-per-kWh plan

Elon has been very vocal about his willingness to let other's use the supercharger network - but I think it's a matter of:

1. hardware adapters
2. business agreements
3. $$$
4. company brand/pride - I don't see Porsche/BMW for example being really happy about telling their customers to use Tesla superchargers for road trips…I don't think it's Tesla's hang up - I think it's all the other manufacturers.
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from the Tesla website:

"Superchargers in Urban Areas
Tesla is installing Superchargers in urban areas where city dwellers and out of town visitors can easily charge. These stations are placed at convenient locations like grocery stores, downtown districts, and shopping centers so charging fits seamlessly into your life."

it's not just for long distance driving anymore!

pretty soon Tesla will have such an overwhelming advantage in terms of sheer number of stations that I think other manufactures will be forced to consider working with them.
I think they are also targeting people that can not "charge at home"...

supercharging your Model 3 once/twice a week will work if you live in an apartment building with no assigned/reliable parking.
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In my area, the EVgo DCFC chargers don't have the 30 minute limit, but I think they're newer installations.
color me jealous of your area - the 30 minute limit SUCKS!
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since I only use DCFast chargers when I'm road tripping I just close my eyes and don't pay attention to the charges - 90% of my usage is home charging which has saved me soooooooo much money vs. gasoline that I no longer car about the occasional use of public/commercial chargers.
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