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Center display screen doesn't work??

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Sometimes my 2018 Bolt's screen goes blank for up to 5 min. I back out of my garage and when I put the car in Drive, sometimes my screen goes blank. It has always come back on after ~1-5 min of driving. The dealer recommended that I pull over, stop the car, open then close the driver's door and restart it. Is there another fix for this?
I bought it used and only had it for a few wks before getting my battery replaced. I don't recall it happening before replacement. I plan to get new software update when back in town in a few wks.
Any other ideas?
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does it still have the original 12v Battery? If so, it might be time to replace it
Don't know if it still has orig 12v battery since I haven't owned it that long. Giid to know the reboot steps!
The date is stamped on the battery. If it is the original, no harm changing it then. Many problems occurs from bad 12v battery
1 - 2 of 6 Posts