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Change front seats

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I have recently bought Bolt 2017 in Ukraine and found its seats uncomfortable for me. The problem in my shoulders and their width. I'm touching seats' edges with them and cannot fit inside of seat. My intention is to swap seats from another car with wider seats. As far as i know Volt 2-n generation seats precisely fits bolt's seat frame and they having wider width. Does anyone having experience with such replacing and maybe other vehicle seats also fit ?
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My Bolt's front seat is almost completely caved in. I don't understand how, it just is. Do I open it up and re-tension or replace the metal parts? Or do I try to find a new seat altogether?
Okay im done, seats changed. Guys its absolutely different feelings, softer, wider and overall having way better look than original ones. Unfortunately i was unable to change seats myself because i had no wiring diagram for Volt and Bolt so i drove to non-official GM service where new seats were placed. Also i'm having intention to change back seats cloth to make them look same as front ones.
Which seats are these, pray tell?
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