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Changing Air Cabin Filter by yourself

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When replacing the cabin air filter behind the glove box by yourself, I've seen one video where the damper or shock absorber is removed by sliding it out to the left. Has anyone tried this? The other 2 videos show it being removed from the bottom of the glove box. Then they struggle getting it back in. Thanks
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From what I've gathered, what's the point of changing the filter if it doesn't filter out exterior odors?
There's another thread about carbon whatever filters but it seems inconclusive on effectiveness.
Just purchased a new carbon filter and was surprised how much dirt accumulated in the one was that I replaced (after only 2 years of use). The carbon doesn't seem to impede the air flow, so you might as well use the carbon filter. Easy enough to do every couple of years. Well worth the 14 bucks.
I'm using a 3M activated carbon filter on my Bolt EV and it does cut down on the odour for around first couple thousands of km or so. After that it's sort of like the OEM filter. I change my filter every 10,000km (6,200 miles), which equates to about every 4 to 5 months for my driving pattern. It gets fairly dusty when it's time to switch out, as I've posted on my daily cartoon:
So I would imagine that it'd be pretty gnarly if I left one in for two years.
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