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Changing the Chevy badge with Opel...

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Hey guys,

I was thinking 'if' I bought the Bolt, how hard would it be to replace the Chevy badge with Opel's?

1. Do you think the front grill could be easily swapped out and fit the Opel grill?
2. The steering wheel; would the entire steering wheel need to be replaced or could the plastic covering over the horn be taken off and replaced? I'm wondering if that's one whole unit to hold the airbag in place
3. With regard to the Chevy badge on the back. Would the hole patterns be the same to take off the badge and pop in Opel?
4. The center caps should be easy enough.

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So I am very interested in performing this opel swap. I would like to find a ampera e front grill, front fender badges, and rear badges along with a steering wheel cover/replacement airbag if it's all the same unit like I've seen on many vehicles. Only problem is I haven't been able to find any Opel ampera e parts anywhere online. Even looking on .eu and .de websites. Has anyone seen any parts online?
I would also like to swap out the front grille and the front and rear emblems to make my Bolt look like an Ampera e. The parts are being made because they have delivered a few thousand units. If we can find the part numbers we should be able to order them. I have also had no luck finding the numbers online. Does anybody from Norway have access to Opel part numbers?
I don't have a Bolt but a 2018 Cruze which I'm doing the same thing too. The Opel Ampera and Ampera E use the same steering wheel airbag cover as the Cruze. Does anyone here have access to European parts catalogs?
As much as I'm intrigued with and want the Chevy Bolt, I've never been a fan of Chevy/GM or the Chevy logo.
For the sake of fruitless argument: the Opel brand is now a part of the PSA conglomerate, so it's a GM vs. PSA comparison now

(as in "genetically modified" vs. "prostate-specific antigen")

As for the logo, I agree - the little horizontal lightning on Opel's emblem is a cutie.
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Well I ment to update this literally a year ago but.... Ya know.... I was just doing my monthly "look for opel front clip parts" when Google pulled this post up. Still no opal parts btw.

About a year ago I pulled the front Chevy badge and blacked it out. Pulling the cover to get behind the grill consisted of pulling a few standard pop rivets. Then unhook the inner badge so it will pop out the front for painting.

I also pulled the Chevy badge off the rear with a heatgun and plastic Auto body tools and replaced it with a opel badge. This was one of the harder badges I've pulled off a car... It was on there!

Next I took off the blue "ev" and the top part of the lightning bolt "O" that was blue. I didn't think they looked good on a red car.

I wasn't having any luck attaching pictures to this post so I'll add via Google photos link.
@Boss, I think your Bolt has an identity crisis. Would definitely confuse me and I'm pretty good at spotting Bolts.

Nice job on the rear badge, though, the "Bolt" emblem/tag looks odd without the blue portions. Maybe blacking out the blue portions would've matched the front black bow tie?
Ever since Opel was spun off to PSA. The Opel badge now reminds me of a tall skinny Peugeot with cambered-in rear wheels going around a traffic circle in Paris.

So I decided to go for the gusto with my re-badging:


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Hey, how about sticking on a Tesla badge? That would really confuse people and start a "discussion".
Hey, how about sticking on a Tesla badge? That would really confuse people and start a "discussion".
Now I think about it. That may cheapen my Bolt :eek:

How about this one


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don't forget your valve stem covers.
On the Porsche option list those are a $1,250 option.

But hey. I've decided to leave my Bolt as a 100% Chevy Bolt EV. Including the badges.

Really my hardest decision each day. Is now going to be: do I take my Bolt, or do I take my Koenigsegg ?

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Vehicle Yellow Car Automotive design Orange

Red Vehicle Car Emblem

These are the two badges I really want to find.

I did make some progress in looking for parts, apparently the ampera e is referred to as the (f17) which helps separate it from the ICE ampera.
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