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Charge to 80 or 100% at Home?

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I’ve had a 2023 Bolt for three months. Love it! I know there are lots of questions and responses about charging, but hopefully by this time the 80 vs 100% question has been answered. Here is my question: I currently charge to 80% although all my charging takes place at home using my L2 charger. I read that charging to 80% is the norm when charging at a public fast charger and understand why. However, the same article insinuated that it’s not necessary when charging at home where charging time is not an issue. That makes sense to me, however, if I decide to charge to 100% is the cost of electricity disproportionately higher when charging the last 10-20% because it takes longer to charge that last 10-20%? It makes sense that it would, so why spend more to charge that last 10-20% if I get enough range to meet my driving range needs at 80%? Am I looking at this correctly? Opinions?
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Folks are quite correct that lithium ion batteries do not like being fully charged to 100% nor discharged to 0%. That will shorten their life. That's why your cell phone battery capacity goes to crap after 2 years. (And why I don't let mine sit on the charger overnight)

However, GM engineers are smart folks and thought of this. On the Volt (I've owned 3, and am waiting on a Bolt order), only the middle 80-something percent of the battery capacity is actually utilized. So at 'full' charge, the underlying battery is only at around 90%. Same at the bottom. Without doing this, there's no way an EV battery would maintain reasonable capacity past 2-3 years. I have to believe that the Bolt behaves the same way.

So in my opinion, don't sweat it, the GM engineers made it idiot proof for folks who aren't as thoughtful as all of us.

That said, as long as the vehicle doesn't need to be plugged in to keep the battery warm, 'manually' limiting charging to 90% may also give you a little longer battery life, as I'm sure GM was dancing on the line of 'what is best for the battery' vs 'how much range can we extract'.
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