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Charge via TT-30 adapter on 14-50 EVSE

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I'm driving to a lodge that offers complimentary TT-30 charging for guests, or you can rent a campsite with a 14-50 outlet. Rather than rent the campsite, I'm hoping to use a hardware store RV TT-30 to 14-50 adapter with my smart EVSE.

My smart EVSE is the Mustart Travelmaster, and I have the 14-50 (240V) adapter and 5-15 (120V) adapter for it. I know people on here don't recommend the Mustart because it's not UL certified (although mine has UL branding on the cords), but it has always worked fine for me. Both adapters work great, I get the expected charge rate based on the adapter I'm using.

I have contingency plans, like renting the 50a camp site, charging at L1 on a 5-15, or taking it slow to a DCFC location that should be within range. But my question is: will the RV TT-30 adapter work with my smart EVSE?
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Sure, but TT-30 is 120v.
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