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Charged for the first time at an EVgo

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All the Electrify America stations were full so I noticed on the plug share app a EVgo about 1/2 mile away, went over there, and hooked up and started charging, I noticed on my app the cost was going up rapidly, I tried to find what they were charging a minute but never could find it. After 8 minutes and over $3.00 being charged I stopped the session. That is when I found out they were charging $0.35 a minute. Over twice what I have ever paid at a Electrify America or Chargepoint.
Needless to say I will not be using them any more unless I have no other choice.
I then drove to the next Electrify America Station to charge just enough to get back home, but there when I stopped charging and disconnected, the station never indicated I was disconnected. I contacted EA and they reset the station, and they did not charge me anything for the 14kW I had charged.
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I use DCFC so seldom any of those plans are just not worth it to me, EVgo is not very prolific around here, most are Chargepoint or EA. And having to have a separate plan for each provider would be costing me more than I charge, and still have to pay to charge.
If I had 100% of my battery available I would have not had to charge at all to get back.
All the plans for which I am a member do not require me to pay a monthly fee: EVGo, EA, ChargePoint, EV Connect, Blink (are they still in business?), and a couple others that I do not remember.

Sorry to hear the battery limitation software update is hitting you that bad! I have not had the software update installed, perhaps because my battery was manufactured in Michigan instead of S. Korea.
Well I have the unpaid plans too, but to get the discount you have to pay a monthly fee.
what I meant about having 100% is I had driven a couple days already without charging and was down to 60% from 80% when we left. If I had the 100% available I would have left with 80% and I have made the trip before on a 80% charge.
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I used my EVgo account credit for the first time today. I have to say, it was a lot easier to start and use than Electrify America (EA). I did start the session by using the app. I think EA should have copied EVgo and they wouldn't have near the problems or complaints. Of course, the downside is that they are a lot more expensive (and slower).
  • I paid $0.27/min. and received 17 kWh (from 12% SOC to 38% SOC) in 30 minutes. That's about $0.46 per kWh.
  • At EA I would have paid $0.16/min and received approx 25 kWh in 30 minutes, or about $0.19 per kWh
Of course, thanks to Chevrolet, my actual cost at the EVgo station was $0.00 :) - $8 used, $492 remaining.
Well EVgo charged me $2.80 for 4.75kWh, that worked out to almost $ 0.59 per kWh… more if you include tax which put it at $3.06, that is why I ended the session after only 8 minutes.
Corrected my math error..
$2.80 / 4.75 = $0.59 per kWh
Oops I got my numbers bassackwards, thanks.
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