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So Chargepoint's HQ is less than a mile from my work, so I decided to charge over there during lunch to see what it was like. The building is very nice and they have a dozen level 2 chargers out in front of the office. I'm guessing they subsidize it for the employees because all of them were being used. In back of the building there were 4 more chargers, 2 24kwh fast chargers and 2 50kwh fast chargers. One of each is actually free to use. I've noticed the free 50kwh one is available from time to time but it was occupied the day I was there so I hooked up to the other 50kwh fast charger and walked across the street to have lunch. I got back an hour later (1h 9m to be precise) and my Bolt had charged 41.8kwh (166 miles). The cost was $10.46. Not bad for a lunch break. Next time I will use the free one and see if there is any difference in charging speed.



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Nice to see CP headquarters when the office is open.

Yes, the new charger is faster, though sometimes they dial it back to 125 A. When it is running at the 152 A, it does charge the Bolt EV faster. About 5 to 6 minutes faster than 125 A on a typical charge.

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1) the Level-2 charging units "in the back" near the fast chargers are for test purposes only and not for public general use (just FYI). The 20-odd L2s near the front are for public use.

2) The "free" fast chargers are basically in the middle of being tested - the public is nice enough to be guinea pigs for them (hey - free electrons!!). Seriously, it *is* nice of CP to make these "test stations" available to the general public.

3) There are two "Express 100" stations (24kw/60A) - one with a single CCS plug and the other with a CHAdeMO plug.

4) There are also two faster DCFCs, both of which have CCS *and* CHAdeMO plugs: (a) the "Express 200" (n茅e Tritium Veefil) which is a 50kW/125A unit, and (b) the newer "express 250" (The latter is the currently free "test station".

5) If you are going to charge at L2 units, it's slightly cheaper to charge a Bolt at the L2 stations at the "old ChargePoint" building down the road than to use the ones at the headquarters (not by much, but ...). There are only 6 of them at the other location.

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To be clear, the OP used some wrong units. Charging rate is measured in kW (e.g. 50 kW, 24 kW), not kWh.

kW and kWh are very different metrics. It's the same as confusing gallons with horsepower. Think of kW = horsepower, kWh = gallons.

If one charges at 1 kW (or 1000 watts) for 6 hours, 6 kWh came out of the wall. If it's at 6 kW for 1 hour, it's also 6 kWh. If it's 1 watt for 6000 hours, it's also 6 kWh.

Watts or kilowatts are measure of power. Watt-hours are a measure of energy.

One pays for electricity at home in cents per kWh. There are a few utilities w/residential plans where they not only bill per kWh but also have demand charges, but that's rare and complicates calculations. (Demand charges aren't unusual on many commercial plans.)

(BTW, 1 hp = ~0.746 kW. And, many .gov sites say 1 gallon of gasoline=33.7 kWh.)

Anyhow, I didn't know any DC FCs there were free, but I just found out that Chargepoint HQ 41 at 254 E Hacienda Ave Campbell, CA is currently set to 6 cents/kWh, which is really cheap. It's a 50 kW CHAdeMO + SAE Combo unit.

I guess it was free before?
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