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Charging not possible?

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Got into my Bolt this morning and the screen behind the wheel in big red letters said that charging
was not possible (can't remember the exact words). Pressing the on button resulted in a normal startup and
trip. At home I plugged in power and the car is now charging normally. Anyone know what happened and if there is
anything to worry about?
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Since the message cleared itself, I would not be worried. If it comes back, especially if it doesn't clear after restarting, I would see the dealer. Lots and lots of little computer modules in these cars. Even if something is a millisecond slow responding, it will show a fault.

Many fault messages end up being caused by a low 12 volt accessory battery.
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So far the can't charge message has not come back after 250 miles of travel.
Just got around to measuring the voltage of the 12 volt battery:
Motor off = 12.8. Motor on = 14.5. I assume that is normal.
Yes. That is in the range I normally see on Torque Pro. But rarely (hardware or software glick?) will see it below 12.5 volts.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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