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It may seem a bit odd comparing these two electric vehicles; ones is a hatchback and the other is a sedan, the bolt is more affordable $41,780 compared to the Model S 60’s $71,200 price tag. But both vehicles are very similar in specs even if they aren’t direct competitors so MotorTrend performed a comparison test.

We could go through every little design difference, but potential buyers are probably more interested in how long it takes to fully charge a battery. Encased under both bodies are lithium-ion battery packs, enough to give the Bolt 238 miles of EPA-rated range and the Model S 60 a substantial 210 miles of range.

Testers first had to deplete each car’s batteries by running the vehicles on a 62-mile loop. With just 9 miles remaining before it was plugged into Tesla’s 120 kW-hr fast-charger, the Model S 60 was fully charged in one hour and six minutes. That’s pretty good and its battery is supposed to fully charge in 10 hours from a 240-volt home charger.

As for the Bolt, after draining its batteries until there was only 6 miles of range left, the testers plugged it into a 50 kW-hr Level 3 DC Fast Charger. To fully charge an almost drained Bolt EV takes two hours and 34 minutes. With a 240-volt home charger, the Bolt should take nine hours and 20 minutes to fully charge, but this wasn’t tested by MotorTrend.

If you have to travel long distance regularly, the Model S 60 with a $30,000 premium may be the better choice. But if you’re just using the vehicle as a daily driver with realistic mileage then the more affordable Bolt EV is the clear winner.

Specs List (courtesy of Electro)

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