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Chevy Bolt not charging at level 1, 2, or 3

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Hi all,

A friend of mine suggested I share my experiences with charging the car with you all. So here I am!

I have a 2019 Chevy Bolt with about 15,000 miles on it. Overall very happy with this vehicle. However lately, I have been unable to charger it anywhere. I normally only charge at work, however due to not being able to charge one day, I began to try to charge with my 110 at my as well as some local public charging stations. I had no luck. The vehicle did not seem to recognize that a cord was plugged in.unfortunately I cannot pinpoint when the problem began, as I had some I had some issues for a few days with charging about 3 weeks ago and then I was able to charge once on 1/30/20. I haven’t charged since then.

I took it to a GM dealership who after a day of troubleshooting, concluded that I was due to a bent pin. The bottom right smaller pin has a very slight kink in it, and they said it would cost $1200 to $1400 to replace the whole console. not understanding why a slight link would cause the entire unit to be replaced, I called GM to verify.

The GM representative I spoke with said that this should be covered. I made it clear that this was related to bent pins. The dealership insists that it will not be covered and that I will need pay for this out of pocket since the charging port is damaged. I have not damaged the charging port. For example, I have never driven away with the car plugged in (this was the dealer example of a situation that would damage the car)

Has anyone had this experience? Or familiar with a slightly bent pin? Think I could fix it on my own.

thanks for reading!
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What you do not state is whether you bought this EV new, that those 18000 miles are all yours, and that you had charged successfully at least 90 times. If so, then I like the suggestion that a defective plug recently bent the pin. If someone else charged the majority of those 90 times, then I think it was the (human) charger and not the plug.
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... could you help me connect the dots how it's Chevrolet's fault that the pin is bent? For those that call all this a design defect; that's not warrantable and I don't necessarily disagree.
I agree with you that this does not seem to be a design or manufacturing defect. However, some "warrantees" (I do not know if ours does) DO cover any failure of function under "normal use". I do not check my pins or plugs. (I AM very gentle when plugging in.) My home EVSE J1772 plug works fine. I have DCFCd over 20 times in 3 years and admit that I do not visually inspect the plug prior to plug-in. Could we see the plug defect even if we looked? The additional two CCS pins are very large (8.0 mm) and probably don't bend easily. If your AC Level 1 charging is curtailed, the problem is in the J1772 portion of the charging assembly. I can see making a case that "just plugging in" is "normal use".
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