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Chevy Bolt Stranded

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The above label is why many of you lost or never knew what the real function of your eyebolt was for... I have seen this function denied in hundreds of posts here, and at other Bolt forums. And I even lost the address myself, due to mislabeling my search. To keep the confusion down, I have now labeled this repost exactly the same as the YouTube video. In this video, you can see that commercial towing bills are NOT necessary, if you are just out of charge. Challenge, very nicely, your nearest friendly ******* and his beloved truck. (said with respect as an original ******* with a family full of trucks) Most truck owners will do it for free. Others would think that a twenty was fine, especially if the trucker was already going in the general direction. By watching this video, you can minimize the cost and effect of running your battery down.

File this address somewhere...

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if only to validate their notion of having picked the superior vehicle.

I doubt anyone who volunteers to tow your Bolt in "L" to recharge it has any idea that they're not just towing a dead, free-wheeling car but in fact actually dragging the thing while it's trying it's darndest to stop. That's going to take a heck of a lot more power and gas than they're expecting.
That is definitely NOT what the video shows. The video shows excellent return and heavy charging. After obtaining forward momentum, the load is minimal on a 150 and larger truck. BUT, I would think that a twenty or even forty dollars would counter any effect. All that, by not waiting for a tow truck that will take you the wrong direction. The eyebolt tow seems like the easiest, most logical method, of continuing into the correct direction. None of us here, certainly not the originator of the video, believe that money is the compensation. As indicated in the video, and with most posts here and at YouTube, the incentive is macho show, old fashioned politeness, and just doing something positive. Many of us have found such agreeable people at truck stops and gas stations all across the USA. Of course there are human failures. But, you only need to run into one nice guy or girl. None of us want to rely on this method of recharge. But the method is real. It is an option. And we all want options, options, options.
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1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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