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Climate control

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I am having an issue with my 2019 Bolt, every time I turn on climate control, lets say just to have the fan blowing, it turns on the AC, every time. How can I stop the AC from turning on every time? Even though the amber light for the AC does not come on, I feel the cool air and see the immediate drop in range.
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There are a few things that will automatically engage AC or heat and they will even kick in unexpectedly at other times for no explainable reason. Hitting the Max defog button will engage AC without lighting up the amber light. Try specifically selecting one of the airflow settings (defog, foot, or mid-dash) and then press the Heat & AC button to turn it on and then turn it off. Then hopefully the next time you turn the car on the same settings will be in play.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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