Offering for sale my gently used Clipper Creek LCS-20, bought new in August 2014. It supplies 16 Amps at 240 Volts and adds about 15 miles of range per hour of charging. Here's a link to the CC page. They still sell it for $395 + tax.

Also included is the J1772 holster, a 6-30 plug (which can also be configured as a 6-50P) and a 6-30 receptacle.

This EVSE would be great for a second home or cabin, your mother-in-law's house, or anyplace with limited power available. I have used it on a 30A circuit (a 20A circuit would also work) to charge my Leaf, my Volt, my Bolt EV and now my Bolt EUV, with never a hiccup. I just graduated to a Emporia Smart EVSE, so this one is now available to a new home..

I will ship anywhere in the lower 48, included in the listed price, or it can be picked up for $25 off.

edit: now also listed on eBay.