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Clunking/Rattling noise while breaking/coasting

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We purchased our 2017 Bolt Certified preowned and it has made a clunking/rattling noise since we got it a year ago. Our warranty is up in a few weeks and we’re desperate to get this figured out before the warranty is up! We’ve brought it in several time but the dealership just says they can’t reproduce the sound. It’s most noticeable on uneven/bumpy roads when going downhill breaking or coasting. I don’t notice it when accelerating. I sent a video to the dealership but they say it’s just road noise but it is definitely not. They want to hear it in person but will only go so far from their dealership and all the roads around the dealership are newer and smooth. Anyway, any ideas what this noise could be or how I can convince them to do something about it??
New to the site so not sure how to upload a video so I made it into a YouTube video. Any suggestions are appreciated!
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Thank you. I contacted GM and she escolated the claim. Crossing my fingers we can get this resolved.
I have same sound. I will copy/paste my posting with video on these.
Please let us know what you find out !!
Just got the bolt back after 1 month in the shop to fix a variety of issues, hatch rubbing paint & rattling, tapping on acceleration and deceleration, front and rear Axle Ping/Plink/squeak/twist sounds, and a few other minor things.
Hatch got a new latch mechanism, tape on the bumper markers and it still rattles.
Rear & maybe still the front has classic Axle noise.
Clunking in front of car, I don't think it is the dash.
Here are all my videos I just made so others will hear the noises and know they are not normal
Please excuse the videos, 4 of them, and my 1 F word, it's rough and I didn't edit it as it will be part of my court proceedings with GM.
turn up volume or put on headphones so you can hear better. Videos info lists where you hear the issues on each video.
I hope this helps others.
Click on Bolt Issues after 'Fix' playlist
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BTW, I had links, sway repaired and front axle
You should have gotten some kind of warranty even used. Wonder if it was only for a year.
Did you ever bring it back to the dealer for the noise before that year was up ?
I still have this and think it is a strut/coil kinda thing.

It is NOT the Links or Sway bar sound at all. I had those and had them replaced. Not even close to that sound.
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