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2017 Bolt EV Ioniq 5 reservation
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Hey people are talking about Weathertech and other $100+ options. Its tempting all right but has anyone given consideration to the $15-$18 Costco mats? If they work great, then why not.

For me, being able to trim to fit was important, where having that "lip" on the edge was not. I went for the $30 Target (four) mats. The front mats were large and easily trimmed to make a "custom" fit. The rear mats are smaller than I would have liked, but will much less often get foot traffic.

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Costco mats...finally

I finally pulled the trigger and purchased the Goodyear Mats available at Costco. I just could not miss out on the $9.99 price (Reg. $18.99 - 9.00 in-store discount/sale). They come in black, grey, and tan. I chose black because I felt that the grey would show more wear and stains over time.

The mats come with two mats for the front seats and two for the back.

I have a new LT that is my daily commuter around the Sacramento, CA area. If I were still living in Massachusetts I would hands down get the $$$ Weathertech or other option with the 'bathtub' that traps dirt/ice/mud etc. All we get here in Sac is heat, dust and some rain occasionally.

Although not luxurious, they look and feel tough. To be honest the fit isn't perfect but pretty decent... but thats what I expected to get with universal fit mats.

Anyway, with some scissors and utility knife, I was easily able to fit the mats to the Bolt floor. I really appreciate how the mat has a grid section for the 'dead pedal' on the far left corner.

One aspect of the mats that I am most critical of is the strip to the left of the driver's side that is not covered.

I may try some adhesive velcro (hooks side) on some areas (e.g. dead pedal) to make the mats stay more in place.

If the mats do work out, then hey...I paid less than 10% of Weathertech's price...


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