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I swapped out my Sonic 16” plus X-Ice for a set of Cruze Eco mounted with Blizzak. I’ve been eyeing up Eco wheels for some time. I found a local set with Blizzak, which I didn’t necessarily need, but decided to go with it. Wheels were in great shap, just needed the hubs cleaned. They look much better in person than I thought they would (not a chrome fan but these look great). This set up is 41.8 lb (Eco + Blizzam 215/55R17). Rides smooth. Louder than X-Ice.

My Sonic set up were wheels purchased/picked up locally from an eBay dealer and mounted with X-Ice from our sold Passat. They weighed in at 42.8 lbs. They ante quiet and provide a nice soft ride. I’ll be mounting them on a friends EUV when she returns from holiday.

Sonic 16x6.5 plus 215/55R16 - 42.8 lb
Cruze Eco 17x7 plus 215/55R17 - 41.5


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