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DC Fast Charging Vendors

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I am in the SF Bay Area. Am I correct to assume the only places within Nor CAL right now to get DC Fast Charger is through the EVGo vendor?
If ChargePoint has these stations, are they plentiful?

I decided to go cheap and not opt for $750 DC fast charge. Having owned now for 2 months, I am not yet regretting my decision, because it appears the network still hasn't gained traction and using L2 at 24/miles or 12/miles an hour is sufficient.

Any thoughts? Thanks.

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Have never used the DCFC option. So far, I've never seen a DCFC station and can't even make it on one charge to get to the nearest.

Still got the DCFC option because I have this vision once the warranty runs out, to figure out to run the DCFC backwards as a backup generator like they have on the Leaf.

Would be nice if GM certified and backed a unit that would do this now. Hint hint.

You don't need the DCFC port to use the Bolt as a backup generator. The DC-DC will provide ~1600W to the Aux Battery. I've got a fused, beefy 120A Anderson connector to the Aux Battery in my Bolt. I can use it to run a 1000W load on a 1500W 12V inverter. It's like having four Powerwalls in the driveway. You just need several extension cords...
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tempting. my main application is running our well during a power outage. that would use 240V. my breaker for the well is 30A. but I just went out to the garage and verified my well motor is only 1/2 HP. 30A is overkill. so maybe the Bolt setup the way you did would work. just with a different inverter that also outputs 240V.

Just don't exceed ~1000W on the inverter's load side. I found that with a load much more than that, the DC-DC simply can't keep up. Experiment! (I had fun doing it.):nerd:
Careful here -- breakers that feed motors are typically rated at 175% of the motor full-load current, to accommodate a motor-starting 'surge' of up to 6x the running amperes (depends on motor winding technology). Submerged pumps typically do have quite a starting surge current, since they're pushing the full head of water from zero RPMs. I don't know what overcurrent protection the Bolt has, but you certainly don't want to be blowing a fuse in the car when your water pump starts.

The 12V AGM aux battery should handle the short duration surge. I've got my inverter feed fused at 150A. It handles my freezer start-up just fine.
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