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Dealer said they could not sell to me??

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So I contacted a dealer in VA and he said he can not sell to me because I would register the Bolt in either SC or NC...anyone else heard of this?
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Don't expect everyone at a car dealership to know what they are talking about. The dealership I got my Bolt from had 6 in stock. They quoted me a price via text and email. A couple days later I showed up, test drove and did the paperwork.

I called or stopped by several Chevy dealerships to check availability and pricing. The answers I got ran the gamut from attempting to be helpful to down right ignorant.

My favorite was,

Me: "Hi, I'd like to price and order a Chevy Bolt"
Salesman: "We don't sell those"
Me: "First time I ever walked into a car dealership and been told I can't buy a car"
Salesman: "Let me get my manager"
Manager: "We can't get you one, they don't exist yet, lets take your info and see what we can do"
A month later....not a peep from them

Second Favorite, via phone
"We can't get those yet, they are not in production" 5 minutes later the phone rings "sorry, we can get them eventually but they are not available in CT yet"

And lastly, A last minute mental crisis has me thinking I wanted a Wrangler so the day before I went to drive (and ultimately buy) the bolt I stopped at a Jeep dealer. Explained to the salesman that I was going to make a decision and purchase a vehicle tomorrow. Email or text me your best price in the morning. The next morning nothing, I called the dealership he was not at work. I did the Bolt thing. Three days later he calls me and says he doesn't feel comfortable emailing a quote and I should come in person to speak with the sales manager.
My reply: The bad news is that I bought a car two days ago like I explained, the good news is that Jeeps sell themselves.
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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