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Dealer said they could not sell to me??

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So I contacted a dealer in VA and he said he can not sell to me because I would register the Bolt in either SC or NC...anyone else heard of this?
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Not sure the laws in VA but from first hand experience, CA dealers will sell to anyone and anywhere. Just need to arrange shipping on your own as the "wheel cannot touch the ground" in CA. It must go from their inventory to your shipper for a $80 charge.
I would be careful registering the Bolt in one state and then transferring over to your permanent state. Here in Colorado, this would make the $5,00 tax credit "null and void" as it's a used car and not the original titling. You guys may not have Tax incentives on EV cars?
With all this complication, I hope you are getting at least $3,000 Off MSRP? This is now the going price drop for Bolts.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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