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Did a low range test

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So today I decided to see how low I could take the Bolt on charge. I started out this morning with 28% SOC on the My Chevrolet app with 80 miles of range left.
I had driven 175 miles at that point starting out with 87% charge.
I ended with 2% SOC on the my Chevrolet app and 6.8 miles of remaining range. The GOM started reading low at 16 miles of range remaining, so I checked with the My Chevrolet app and it was still indicating SOC at 4%.
Reduced power came on at around 3% SOC.
The Car shows I went a total of 248 miles on 54.6kWh, including 7% climate control use. Again Starting SOC was 87%.
I am now checking to see how long it will take to charge from 2% to 100% on my Chargepoint Home Flex level 2 charger at 7.54kW charging rate. The my Chevrolet app says 10 hours.
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Speaking of low range...

Does anyone have a link to a video of a Bolt being driven until the battery is completely dead?

This video is close...but he managed to park before the battery died. I'm just curious to see how the car behaves at the very end when it shuts off.
According to the Owner's Manual, there is a final message just before the car shuts down...

When the battery is fully depleted, the OUT OF ENERGY, CHARGE VEHICLE NOW message will display and the vehicle will slow to a stop. The brake and steering assist will still function.
I was just wondering if anyone had taken a video to this point.
Thanks for posting that video. That's what I was looking for. So the car just doesn't shut down at the very end. It looks like once you get this message...
Product Font Gadget Line Screenshot have about 1 minute to pull the car over (with 1kW of power) before it shuts down.
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