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Did a low range test

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So today I decided to see how low I could take the Bolt on charge. I started out this morning with 28% SOC on the My Chevrolet app with 80 miles of range left.
I had driven 175 miles at that point starting out with 87% charge.
I ended with 2% SOC on the my Chevrolet app and 6.8 miles of remaining range. The GOM started reading low at 16 miles of range remaining, so I checked with the My Chevrolet app and it was still indicating SOC at 4%.
Reduced power came on at around 3% SOC.
The Car shows I went a total of 248 miles on 54.6kWh, including 7% climate control use. Again Starting SOC was 87%.
I am now checking to see how long it will take to charge from 2% to 100% on my Chargepoint Home Flex level 2 charger at 7.54kW charging rate. The my Chevrolet app says 10 hours.
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Just finished recharging.. 2% to 100%
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So that 67.67 kWh is from the wall? 7.6 kW in, is 7.2 kW out to the battery, or 94.7% efficient onboard charger. A bit of what leaves the onboard charge is lost to internal impedance in the battery too. So your new battery is about 64 kWh...just like the LG label says.

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That’s how my math works out too.
In fact I checked it also at 87%
here is what it showed then. 2% to 87%
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At current gas prices ($4/gal), that pencils out to nearly 150 mi/gal.

$4.34 here..
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