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Did you get an EV with VIN range P414XXXX ?

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I'm seeing lots of deliveries of EUVs lately, but no EVs which makes me wonder if they've stopped making them for a while or just doing fleet orders. The most recent 5000 or so Bolts are in the P414xxxx range. Does anyone here have an EV in that range or on order?
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Four days and no replies but, I just got the answer to my question. In the last two days, I located two truckloads of Bolts. Most were EUVs, but each load had two EVs on board. One was on the lower deck and I checked the VIN. It was in the high P414XXXX range just like the EUVs. That confirms they are still producing and building EVs for customers and not just fleets. Actually, all Bolts I'm seeing now are in that range and arrive fresh and clean. No more dirty cars from storage yards with random VIN ranges which tells me that production and shipping is steady and likely ramping up. I think a lot of us will see our cars soon.
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