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Dismal range range and charging times. Is it just me?

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Two weeks ago, I bought a 2017 Bolt Premiere from a dealership in Ohio which installed new batteries in over 60 recalled Bolts. The dealership bought these Bolts from GM at an auction, probably recalled leases from around the country, and potential buyers waited until the batteries slowly arrived. I put the deposit down last November. I had to wait awhile, but it’s finally here!

I’m getting about half the range that the car says I should have. I drive like a granny - about 65-70 HWY. My second home is about 59 miles away, but it took 125 ”bolt miles” to get there. The route is 60% highway and the rest country roads at 45-50 mph. I didn’t use A/C or heat.

In addition, the Bolt has been plugged into my 110V outlet (probably 15A) for 27 hours, but I’ve only gained 55 miles in range. The dashboard estimate for full charge was off by 24 hrs.

Any thoughts? Is this normal? I have an electrician coming in a few days to install a NEMA 14-50 outlet, but the lousy range isn’t working for me. Does anyone else have this problem? Is there a software setting that I’m missing? There are lots of fast chargers near me as I live near major interstates, but a range of 120m isn’t enough for the pricetag.
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With a new battery in Spring you should be getting around 400km or 240 miles. Using the heater will cut your range by 25-40% so search the site, there is a ton of information.
The factory EVSE is the slowest, set you car to charge at 12 amps instead of the 8 amps it’s most likely set to now, it will help but use the DCFCs you mentioned as needed.
The range on the display may need to relearn after the battery replacement so don’t get too worked up about it until you have charged and discharged several times.
, you will have to select the 12A option every time you plug in.
If you set up location charging you only need to reset to 12 amps once every few months at the same location, every new location will need to reset to 12 amps.
1 - 2 of 57 Posts
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