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DIY Dead Pedal cover:

I have the Weathertech mats for my leased 2017 Bolt EV, but they don’t fully cover the dead pedal.

Living in Southern California, other than sunshine the only other weather we get is rain, but there is plenty of dirt to track into the car.

Simple project, less than 10 minutes to do.

1) VARIERA Ikea drawer mat (clear vinyl, with a textured side and a smooth side) 2) Velcro hook tape

Cut the mat to fit the space ( I gave it a little extra to wrap over the edge) Cut strips of the Hook side of the Velcro tape to fit around the edge of the mat, attach to the smooth side of the mat. The hook tape will adhere to the carpet like it would the loop side of the tape, great hold.

I’ve had both of the these items around the house for years, I’ve included links to find them online material cost is under $10.

VARIERA Drawer Mat:

Hook and Loop Fastening Tape (AKA Velcro tape) [ame][/ame]


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