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Does ChargePoint care about maintaining its network?

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Poking around PlugShare and other charging station maps, I see plenty of stations that are noted as unavailable because of issues. Many seem to be ChargePoint--and that could be because there are so many from that network around here in the Bay Area.

But I wonder if the company really proactively detects and get repaired its stations that are down. A good example, is the DCFC charging stations on the 2nd floor of the Graton Casino parking garage. The 2 free DCFC stations have been out of service for weeks. ChargePoint can't not know about this. I wonder if they are so focused on expanding their network that they are neglecting the maintenance of the existing one. I mean, this is pretty standard for tech companies anyway, so it's not out of the question to believe this is the case.

You're here ChargePoint. What say ye?
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With ChargePoint, they are just hardware sellers. The equipment is the responsibility of the site owners.

You can use the ChargePoint app to Report Issue with the station. The owner will be notified. If the site owners do not care to fix it, I guess that is that.
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