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Don't forget charger rebates!

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I'm new here on Chevy Bolt, but had a Volt until I got my Bolt. My power company here in Wisconsin (Alliant) had a rebate two years ago of up to $500 on a L2 charger, which put a VERY nice dent in the cost of my ClipperCreek 32a charger ($600). Then because I'm Second Nature subscriber (green energy), there was another $95 rebate. So far, $5 for my L2. But I did have it installed for another $250, BUT got a federal tax rebate of 30% of the total cost (.30x$850=$255). Grand total, $600-500-95+250-(30%×850)=0. I dont remember tax or shipping, but not a bad deal, check it out!
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Consider yourselves lucky. Up here in the Seattle Burbs, we have the lovely Puget Sound Energy running the grid. I contacted them when I was buying my Bolt this April and found out that they have zero, nada, zilch for EV owners. They told me that they are focused on getting cars off the road, not subsidizing new EV owners. Rather startled, I asked if I had reached the WSDOT by mistake. I hadnt. They are not planning anything at all other than saying on their website that 'sometime in the future' they may do something, The largest EV event this year in this area has been the installation of 10 EVGO stations near the Tacoma dome. The flippin' Governer even showed up for this one. For Seattle this is pretty bad. Just Sayin'.
Yup, nothing is free in Seattle, everything costs an arm and a leg, unless you're homeless or a drug addict.
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