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Drafting saved the day

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2017 Bolt driver here… have put 92K miles on him so far. I Had to make a trip today about 100 miles each way so I thought no problem, I’ve done it many times before. I very rarely have to charge anywhere other than my garage so I’m not super aware of charger locations and there just aren’t many in ohio. Had a nice tailwind going east but the return trip proved the opposite as todays cold wind gusts depleted a lot more range than I expected even though I was only going about 65. I had never tried drafting before due to most truckers around here being annoyed by Evs … but there was a semi going my speed steady in the right lane so I hooked on pretty close for about 50 miles. I was amazed by how much difference it made. I wouldn’t have done this in heavy traffic or if there were a lot of speed or lane changes going on. I just wonder what the driver would have been thinking 🤔
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Depending on how close you actually were it could be, dangerous and illegal.
Certainly your windshield and front paint took the brunt of the dust and debris. Your bolt is unlikely to survive a flying recap tire. If you are lucky you might have the chance to report an incident on Waze before somebody runs into you.
Odds are not in your favor.
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