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We live with a variety of necessary, beautiful trees that as usual are casual litterers without regard to societal norms.

Our 2013 Volt absorbs tree detritus at the corners of the windshield like a starving dog gobbles food. This mess ends up traveling down into dead-end, inaccessible spaces where it will inevitably promote rust, let alone looking nasty to the neurotic mind (mine).

The Bolt's entire ventilation induction system is better thought-out, with a nice backstop arrangement to stop detritus from passing into the car's innards. All the same, cleaning it requires lifting the hood and potentially spilling nasty stuff all over the nice shiny aluminum boxes inside.

There is an ample drain slot or scupper at each corner of the Bolt's windshield base. They're a perfect path for smaller leaves and pine needles. As well, when the car moves the tendency for leaves and needles is to blow horizontally until they reach the windshield corners and the scupper.

Using 3M "extreme" double-sided adhesive tape and a couple of pieces of sturdy window screening, I've arranged so that water can still go down the scuppers while all but the smallest foreign material cannot. This leaves material in the upper area easily reachable with a shop vac, reducing the amount of stuff shoveled into the motor compartment when cleaning becomes necessary.

There's still of course the elongated air induction slot just below the hood but it does not appear to be the primary path for crud. A true fanatic might use screening and tape to handle it but I've not quite sunk to that level, yet.

[And yeah, the tape is available in black-- grey is what was lying around here. Also, caveat: in areas where extremely intense rainfall happens and if screening of this kind has been allowed to become clogged it's hard to say exactly what might happen if the tray should overflow. Presumably there's another path for water to the ground not leading through the inside of the car.]


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Dang it, now I have to borescope those drain holes for detritus.
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