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Effect Upon World Sales - including Bolt/Ampera

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A good first step in undoing the damage would be to insist on a level playing field between nations and for tariffs to be equitable on both sides of the border. We have the upper hand to drive change as countries running a trade surplus with us don't want to lose access to the US consumer. And from a decency perspective, it is indefensible for countries to treat our exports more harshly than we treat theirs while running a trade surplus with us.

I'm still hopeful this "protectionist" stance and push for equality could play out well, but the risk of things going wrong is definitely greater than zero if other nations decide they're willing to work against their own self interests and risk being priced out of the US market in order to stand up to the us.
The risk is even greater with a President that is an idiot.
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1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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