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Too flippin' hot today. Put the tandem kayak on the Bolt and headed for the Sierra, near Kirkwood. Love paddling Silver Lake. Even though it was Saturday and the parking lot was pretty full, once on the lake it's like almost no one else is there. Most people were paddlers, and the power boats that were on the water were fishing. Temperature 79 degrees on the water. :D. Ahhh..... Traveled 125 miles, gained/lost 6500 feet in altitude, each way, and used 35KWh. What a sweet ride. Even has me driving like an adult now. 0:) (as opposed to zooming around in my WRX) Even used the air conditioning on the way until we got to altitude and could 2-60 it. Got home with an estimated 100 miles on the gauge. Car just drives great. Well sorted chassis balance, Chevy! Even with a 75lb. kayak on the roof. Props!
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