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I am in the process of buying my first EV and what better one to get than the Bolt! As I prepare for the full electric plunge, I wanted to know exactly how much this thing will cost me per month as financing an electric car is not so straightforward. Therefore, I created a loan amortization schedule but tweaked it to model the ebb and flow of incentives as they arrive.

Ultimately, I have created a schedule that shows you have much cash you have to pay to cover the loan and how much banked incentives do you have. Once the big ticket items, like the fed tax credit, rolls in, you dont really have to make any cash contributions to cover your debt service. Instead, you just pay the monthly loan payments with the recently arrived tax refund.

Of course, I had to make A LOT of assumptions so please consider that. Additionally, this tool is not a real loan amortization chart. Please use only for projections and not as an actual payment schedule.

I'll let my schedule do the rest of the talking now. Feel free to use as you wish and give any feedback!



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